The Conquering Life Sanctuary

Residential housing, discipleship, counseling and life skills with the emphasis on living a Godly life style through Jesus Christ.

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THE Conquering Life Sanctuary RECOVERY CENTER


The Conquering Life Sanctuary is a faith-based Christian recovery center that will offer housing, hope and healing from addiction to the prison and recovery community.


Our Vision is to disciple, train and equip our residents through recovery from addiction with the proper Godly skills so they can bring the message of Hope to the community and throughout the region.


The Sanctuary will be a place of transformation, restoration and discipleship for the prison and recovery community. Incorporating recovery services, counseling and offering a Biblical perspective on the 12 Steps while fostering a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.


Bob Sofronski, Executive Director of CLPRM, has devoted his life to Prison Ministry since 1999. Bob is leading the development of The Sanctuary and will serve as its Executive Director of The Sanctuary.

A former inmate and addict, Bob found his strength and purpose in God while incarcerated. He leads CLPRM’s volunteers in their outreach to inmates and the recovery community making a profound impact through ministry, temporary housing and counseling.

Bob and CLPRM have received awards and recognition including from U.S. Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick and Pennsylvania State Senator, Robert M.Tomlinson. In 2006, CLPRM was recognized for its outstanding service to the Philadelphia prison system.

The Conquering Life Sanctuary Team

The following members of the CLPRM will also be part of The Sanctuary leadership team.

Michael Howard, Leading the Discipleship program/oversee the music ministry/counseling and recovery coaching
Royce McKelvey, Marketing management/ Discipleship/Mentoring
Dave Johnson, Co-Leading the Discipleship Program/Mentoring
Scott Burgess, Financial Advisor
Nicholas DeRose, Business Advisor
Robert Diaz, Walk It Out Recovery,Life Coaching and Counseling

Sanctuary Advisory Board Current Members

Bob Sofronski, Executive Director CLPRM
Nicholas DeRose, Business Advisor CLPRM
Royce McKelvey, Assistant Director CLPRM
Shawn O’Donnell, Facing Addictions Ministry
Randy Trauger, Business Development Brite Life Treatment Center
Rev. Jason Harris, Lead Pastor Evangel Assembly of God
Phillip Cacossa, P.E.President, Socrates Developers LLC
Pastor Polly Zupcic, M.A.Clinical Christian Counseling
Dr Karl Benzio M.D. 
Susan Lucarini, Secretary
Ruth Barnard, Administrator


The Conquering Life Sanctuary Recovery Center

Why "The Conquering Life Sanctuary"

There will be no other place for those seeking recovery from addiction in the area offering such a complete program as The Sanctuary.

1 in 3 Households are affected by Drug or Alcohol Abuse in some way

Every year since 2009, $400,000,000 + in costs related to crime, lost work and health care treatment. 35 Billion Dollar Addiction Treatment Industry

5927 Heroin Overdose Deaths in 2012, 8260 in 2013, 50,000 in 2016, 110000 in 2022

Approx 16 Million Alcoholics in the US

75% of adult prisoners return to crime after released

85% of juvenile offenders return to crime after released 

85% of all inmates return to prison after 3 years-Recidivism

Only 32% of prisoners return to crime if they go through a Christ Centered Program while incarcerated

If a former offender finds a church and program and is discipled and mentored when released, he has less than a 10% chance of returning to crime

The Recidivism rate is COMPLETELY Reversed when a Biblical Structure is in place

What is The Conquering Life Sanctuary?

Residential housing, discipleship, counseling and life skills with the emphasis on living a Godly life style through Jesus Christ.
Services would encompass all areas of addiction, therapy, residential and re-entry services:

Safe housing for those coming out of incarceration, addiction and those in the recovery community

Group sessions and therapy available from professional therapists

Recovery coaching from volunteer recovery coaches in our area

Life Skills practical instruction, Mentorship, Discipleship and counseling

In-house Life Recovery meetings

Faith Based 12-Step Life Recovery Program

Corporate Office

Recovery Coffee House

Chapel/Worship Space

Counseling offices

Community Resource Center

5 Pillars of The Conquering Life Sanctuary


A Faith-Based Supervised Living Environment

A Biblical 12 Step Life Recovery Program

Outpatient Services to include Counseling, Mentorship, Peer to Peer Services and Life Coaching

Practical Life Skill Instruction and in-house Recovery Resources

Community Outreach including Events, Resource Center and Opportunities to Serve

THE Conquering Life Sanctuary

The Sanctuary will continue the work of CLPRM by providing a vital lifeline of hope and support to incarcerated addicts, the recovery community and their families. As dedicated volunteers, their work supports hundreds of recovering addicts in reclaiming productive lives through a series of Faith Based programs, discipleship and mentoring.

Prison Ministry – Before Covid CLPRM was in the prisons for 140+ church services each year! We led services in Philadelphia Prisons, we also lead a weekly Spanish service in Fort Dix Federal Correctional Institution and at the Men’s Recovery Block at Bucks County Prison. We help inmates who were released get housing and into short and long-term programs.

Conquering Addictions Meeting – Weekly 12 Steps meeting will be held at The Sanctuary. In addition, staff will support 12 step meetings at several other locations including Urban Hope in Philadelphia and Cumberland County Community Church in Millville, NJ. We also distribute over 300 Life Recovery Bibles, recovery devotionals and recovery workbooks each year. In addition, the Self Help Movement (a men’s rehab) in Phila, Conquering Addictions 12 Step Meeting is every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays at 7pm.

Conquering Grounds Café: Coffee House Ministry – Conquering Grounds Café would be housed at The Sanctuary.Our monthly recovery coffee house ministry since January 2011, reaches out to individuals and families who have been affected by substance abuse. We continue to average 150 people attending this FREE monthly event.

What Makes The Conquering Life Sanctuary unique?

The Sanctuary will incorporate ALL FACETS of the current CLPRM ministry offerings including a faith based supervised living environment and recovery services combined with:

Facilities for 12 step life recovery meetings, recovery church services and CLPRM’s successful monthly Conquering Grounds Café Coffee House.

Regional events such as our highly successful Music-Fest.

The Sanctuary Recovery Center will most importantly be a RESOURCE CENTER FOR THE REGION. It will offer recovery and re-entry services from some of the most respected Organizations available in our region.

There will be no other place for those seeking recovery from addiction in the area offering such a complete program.

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Residential housing, discipleship, counseling and life skills with the emphasis on living a Godly life style through Jesus Christ.