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My story with CLPRM began in 2010. As a Pastor, you realize how important working with community-minded organizations like CLPRM becomes. Their experience, knowledge, resources, and belief in Christ enabled me to direct people spiraling into the chaos of addiction or rebuilding a life after incarceration. They have comforted dismayed and struggling family members while teaching, guiding, and supporting the men and women who need help. I admire and respect the work they do in the long game of restoring broken lives. Bob Sofronski and others on his team have a home at our church, and I see firsthand the individuals attending our church experiencing the hope this organization gives!

CLPRM is a sleeping giant. The track record is clear! With the support of community builders, business leaders, and the continued partnership of faith-based organizations, “The Sanctuary” project will provide an impact far beyond their current scope and existing resources.

Rev. Polly Zupcic
MA in Clinical Christian Counseling
Staff Pastor, Christian Life Church, Bensalem, PA

I grew up in Philly as a typical Philly kid. I had my first cigarette around 4 yrs old, my first taste of beer at 6, and my first joint at 8. I wanted to fit in and desperately craved acceptance. I was always the youngest and the smallest so to be liked I developed 2 skills, humor and drinking. In my mind my drinking made me funnier. The more people laughed the more I could forget the pain of having an absentee father.

I started binge drinking around 18 and smoked weed everyday from 14 until around 24. It started out as social, but soon developed into an everyday thing. I was a functional pothead. GOD started calling me back to HIM in my early twenties but I kept ignoring the call. I was a father at age 17, but wouldn’t allow that fact to interfere with my fun. The LORD used my daughter and future wife to draw my heart back to HIM..

I felt a calling on my life to prison ministry when I finally stopped running from the LORD. When we started attending Christian Life Center I looked for the prison ministry. A few months later I received a call that they were starting a ministry and I had to report for orientation. That was a night that changed my life forever. .

I showed up to prison volunteer orientation at Holmesburg Correction Facility and met Bob Sofronski. From that moment on we became fast friends and eventually dear brothers. We did prison ministry for over a year where it was just the two of us every Tuesday night as the ministry team. Then we became part of a homeless ministry in the heart of Philadelphia. We then started a recovery meeting at Christian Life Center. It didn’t take long to realize the same people we saw in prison and homelessness were some of the same people we saw in addiction..

It became a passion to change lives by breaking the cycle of addiction, homelessness and prison. The best and truest way to achieve sustained, changed lives is through the introduction of JESUS CHRIST into a life. .

Over the years we have seen many lives transformed and restored through an encounter with the LORD. Our mission and calling is to spread the GOSPEL to as many as we can. Our vision is to see lives renewed through the power of GOD’S presence. The Conquering Life Sanctuary will allow people the opportunity to focus on developing their relationship with CHRIST without worrying about some of the pressures of this world. They won’t have to worry about where the next meal is coming from or how to put a roof over their heads. We will prayerfully be able to meet their physical needs while mentoring and making them disciples of the WORD..

Royce Mckelvey
Assistant Director CLPRM

My Life Journey and what led us to Conquering Life Prison & Recovery Ministries was our son Nick’s addiction.

After many years of struggling with trying to help our son with his addiction issues, our entire life and family were spinning out of control….and felt like Nick was self-destructing and taking the entire family down with him….Although I didn’t know it at the time….Satan had gotten the foothold….which became a stronghold…..and not just in my Son…..

In the Spring of 2014, we were completely wiped out emotionally, financially, and spiritually after struggling through many years of health issues, cancer, job and income losses, losing all our retirement and a vacation home, and paying for Nick’s addiction issues one way or the other.

Nick didn’t steal from us, pawn, or drain our credit cards and bank accounts, we depleted everything else to save his life from the downward spiral….we would do anything, lose it all over and over again to save our Son…However, after there is nothing left….and you realize you have nowhere to turn. I really didn't understand what was truly missing from my life really don’t understand what is truly missing from your life.

Joe and I had been attending all kinds of meetings; NA, AA, and talking to everyone, every family member, acquaintance, stranger about what to do. After being turned away from our own Catholic Church (which we attended our entire life ), we were at our wits ends.

We had been dabbling between churches and occasionally going to Calvary Chapel of Philadelphia. Someone told us about their Monday Night addiction meeting, so we attended. Nick didn’t show up. Still, they told us about another group in the area hosting a “coffee house” on Saturday night at Christian Life Church r in Bensalem, with a different style of “meeting” than what we were used to.All family members were invited! We didn’t know what to expect when we walked through those doors all those years ago.And of course, Nick didn’t show up.

There was this guy, Bob Sofronski, who took us in his arms, called a couple of his Prayer Warriors outside,who turned out to be these big guys from Ambassadors of Christ motorcycle ministry from CLC, they encircled Joe and I and they prayed out loud and by name.Growing up in the Catholic “Religion” and going through the Church motions, that was really awkward for us. But then I had never felt a “real” feeling like that before. No one had EVER encircled us and prayed for us like that OR my son Nick! They didn’t even know him! I was overcome with emotion that night. I immediately felt re-connected to Jesus and once we made that commitment, we never looked back!

We found what we had been missing. We knew this connection and prayer would get us through any situation, no matter what..…We were missing that real relationship with Jesus Christ.

The entire Ministry of CLPRM surrounded my family. Bob came to my house the next day, prayed with Nick and my family, and never gave up on Nick no matter how many times he relapsed, messed up, or got in trouble again; Bob and my ministry brothers and sisters stood by Nick, and our Family the entire time… We had NEVER had this type of forgiving, non-judgmental love and support like this. Not in our own family and friends circles or at Church!

So when I say I walked through that door in May of 2014 and never looked back, I mean that in more ways than anyone can know. Bob and our ministry family helped us re-connect our faith and my relationship with Jesus (which I never really knew I was missing) became stronger…….

Bob was tough on me, but I needed it….But all with love. We eventually started helping parents with their kids and ironically, while staying involved, Nick met his future wife Nicole and soon our Granddaughter Gracie came along…but for the Grace of God. It was a long tough, hard road, and never perfect.

We still have our struggles like everyone else, and it takes years to recover from all the financial hardships, but we are humbled thinking that others have lost their children. I believe with all our hearts that this would not have been possible without CLPRM and that it was all in God’s plan to draw us back to Him.

As we became more and more involved and supportive of the meetings, coffeehouses, interventions, and events, we became more and more like family. I was honored to be elected to the board and passionate about being able to “give back” the way that I received the Love and Support from my Brothers and Sisters of CLRPM if even just a little……

Nancy Lion
Former Secretary CLPRM

After a long 20-year battle with addiction, I was sent to prison on August 1st, 1997. While incarcerated, I knew my life had to change, but I didn't know how. After going to a chapel service in the prison I accepted God into my life. Little did I know of the purpose and the plan that He had already been orchestrating. Listening to the preachers and reading my Bible was something that I never did before in my life. You have a lot of time in jail. I tried my best to make the most of it. I remember telling the preacher Joe DIbella that I was going to come back one day; oh, he said yep, just like the rest of them, you'll be back, and I said no, you don't understand I'm going to stand on the other side of that Pulpit one day and share my story. I believe at that point God was able to agitate and instigate the faith that was inside of me.

While incarcerated, I watched the Ministries come through the jail hoping one day I could do the same. After being released in 1998, I began to pray to get involved in prison ministry. One year later in February of 1999 that's when the Ministry called me to come get involved one year after my release.

That was the start of my journey in ministry as I sat under Crossroads Prison Ministry for a year until they delegated me as a leader for Tuesday nights inside the Philadelphia prison. Five short years later in May of 2004 we met as a group of about 20 people with a vision for CLPRM Ministry. This was Christian Life's prison ministry. That's where I started a group of men and women praying for God's Vision to be revealed and to show his purpose. I remember meeting with our pastor with two other men Steve Ferri and Tony Cucinni. We had a vision for prison ministry at our church and we were granted access immediately into the prison from who would become my mentor Nick Barbetta. That Ministry has now opened up five branches of different ministries over the past 17 years.

What now 40-plus volunteers, it has been a blessing to watch God do his work through a group of people who wanted to follow through with the vision of the Conquering Life Sanctuary Project!

Bob Sofronski
Executive Director CLPRM/Sanctuary Project
If you have had any experience with addiction, you know the heartache, fear, and unending challenges that are faced. Both by the addict and their friends and family. Yet, there can be hope, the work done by Conquering Life, Prison and Recovery Ministries since 2004 continues to save lives and restore Hope. The untiring work of the CLPRM team, led by Bob Sofronski, has saved countless lives. Please consider supporting the Conquering Life Sanctuary Recovery Center. I can assure you that your contribution will restore hope and save lives, which is so needed by so many.
Nick DeRose
CLPRM/Sanctuary Business Advisor

I started to attend CLC in December of 2022 because I had some friends that went there and heard they had a recovery group associated with the church. I will never forget my first meeting at CLPRM. I had people come up and hug me and ask me my name, I had women bring me to sit with them, all of whom I had NEVER met!! I can look back and see how God set up to have this solid foundation in my life.

You see I have tried different AA meetings, church meetings but I never felt fully comfortable there, like I was still the odd one out. The first meeting I attended I could FEEL God in the room, I could feel the love everyone had for each other, like it was one big family; never have I felt that at another meeting. Last May my step-mother passed away and my dad moved in with me. Shortly after my dad moved in with me he started to show signs of being very sick. I came to CLPRM every Friday, I talked about my dad being sick and my fears and what was going on. It was like I had a huge extended family supporting me, surrounding me with love, encouragement, kindness and most of all what I needed, which was a listening ear as I tried to sort through all of my emotions and help manage balancing my life and staying sober and caring for my dad.

I remember dad was having a really bad day and I was super worried to leave him home alone but he absolutely would not let me stay home; I went that night absolutely filled with anxiety, and worry. I walked in and people could tell instantly I was not ok, people prayed with me and over me that night and for dad. When I got home I went in to check on dad and he told me he had had the best night he had had in months! When dad passed away in December of 2023 my world crumbled. I knew that he went home to be with Jesus but I couldn't imagine a life without him here.

CLPRM was and is like a big family that surrounds me and supports and encourages me. They encourage me to take my sorrow to Jesus, they pray over me and most of all they love on me. I will forever be grateful for this big extended family I have.

Ruth Barnard
CLPRM/Sanctuary Administration

CLPRM has brought so much love, fellowship and knowledge of the word of God into my life.

I do not struggle from addiction although my father and sister did and all my 3 sons do. The knowledge I have gained has helped me understand the struggles they face and how I can better assist them through the word of God.

I have been through alot of pain and heartache in my life also losing my job, my sister to addiction then my father within 3 months during the pandemic had left me alone, lonely and questioning my purpose on this earth. CLPRM has helped me realize my purpose in the pain through the eyes of God.

CLPRM is such a welcoming God filled place. Working the 12 steps in a biblical way is life changing. I am so very grateful for the CLPRM team.

Susan Lucarini
Secretary CLPRM

I became a volunteer for CLPRM in 2007. At that time, the ministry consisted of a group of men who went into Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility (CFCF) to lead a weekly worship service and help to bring the Gospel to men struggling to turn their lives around during their incarceration. In the 17 years since then, CLPRM has entered other local prisons for worship and bible study, created and maintained multiple weekly recovery meetings, and helped hundreds of men and women find recovery houses where they can continue their road to sobriety, all through the power of Christ. In 2011 the Conquering Grounds Café was opened bringing a monthly night of worship, fellowship, and Jesus to the recovery community. This coffeehouse has inspired other groups to do the same, thus expanding the mission field.

For me personally, CLPRM has helped me gain confidence in my faith and encouraged me to take a more active role in the ministry. In addition to helping with the financial side of the ministry as Treasurer of CLPRM, it has also led to me to be the Director of Recovery Ministry at Woodside Church in Yardley. Through this I have become an active member of the Woodside Sermon team as well as a co-founder of the quarterly Recovery Worship Service at Woodside as well as the monthly Recovery Café coffeehouse in Frankford, Philadelphia.

More importantly, following the loss of our son to addiction, the ministry provided a tremendous amount of support to me and my family. The amount of care, comfort, and love the team gave us was an amazing help in dealing with our loss. It was an amazing testimony to the power the love of Jesus can provide.

Scott Burgess
CLPRM Treasurer, Senior Living Advisor

I have been touched by the CLPRM team, both as a friend and partner of the Ministry, as well as a pastor who minister to those in recovery. I have been blessed by the kindness and generosity of those in the Ministry and have been supported by their efforts when I have had members of my congregation whose families members are experiencing personal struggles and challenges with addiction and on their recovery journey.

CLPRM comes alongside you and supports you with prayer, friendship, resources and discipleship as the Holy Spirit does His work in the heart of those who have been broken out of the prison of addiction.

CLPRM is not just another ministry… It is a family whose commitment is to those who are actively seeking help for themselves and their loved ones as they struggle the oppression of this awful disease, and are there at a moments notice to help with whatever is necessary. Not only do they support those who are actively seeking help, but they go out to seek those who don’t even know they need help yet.

This powerful ministry is not possible except by the work of the Holy Spirit and the generosity of those who give of their time, talent, and treasure to see this important work accomplished.

Rev. Jason B. Harris, BM, MAT, MOL
Lead Pastor Evangel Assembly of God, Norristown, Pennsylvania
“After having served as a Board Member and, for many years enjoying the most fulfilling type of ministry imaginable, it is so refreshing to learn that the Ministry of CLPRM is now poised to launch a venture that will most certainly revolutionize ‘Recovery Ministry’ in the Philadelphia tri-state area. There is no doubt “The Sanctuary'' will serve as a beacon of hope to many souls whose lives are overshadowed by the darkness of addiction. As a lighthouse offers comfort to night-watch seafarers, there is no doubt “The Sanctuary” will be used by God to pierce the darkness of hopelessness by which so many are bound today by offering them the eternal hope which can only come through our precious Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Many blessings on your new ministry endeavor!”
Rev. Rick Cartagena
Phila. PA.